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A Story About My Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day let me tell you a story about my mom.

Way back when I was in sixth grade my parents decided we were going to change churches.  The church I grew up in, up to that point, was a very small country church and most Sundays if me and my brother weren’t there, they didn’t have Sunday school for little kids because we were basically the only ones.  Leading up to student ministry age my parents decided it would be best for us to go to a bigger church.  I was not a fan of this move.

Of course the church they picked was the biggest church in town.  I was now attending a class with at least 12 other girls.  When seventh grade started it was even worse for me.  I was introverted and did not have many, if any, friends at this bigger church.  My mom would make me go to Wednesday night student ministry events and I complained or sulked the whole way there, I sat in the back of the room, and as soon as it dismissed I was waiting for my mom.  Every week I would beg my mom to not make me come back and she never let me quit.  She would tell me to invite my friends from school, make new friends, don’t sit in the back, etc.

I never remember her being demeaning or demanding about this stage but she did know better than me.  It was a hard transition for me but eventually I did make friends at church, eventually one of my school friends did start coming to that church, eventually I came to love that student group, our student minister, and that church.  I consider that church my church home.

I tell you this story to encourage you, Mom.  Moms out there that know better than your kids, you don’t like to see your kids hurt or be uncomfortable but take heart, you know better.  My mom never let me quit.  My mom encouraged me every week to get outside my comfort zone.  And let me tell you, learning to get outside your comfort zone is no small task so start practicing early.  Even twenty or so years later I’m not a fan of getting out of my comfort zone but I know that God always blesses that leap of faith.

Even at 35 years old my mom encourages me daily, thanks to text messaging and e-mails.  She has been a champion on my side since the day I made her a mom.  Love you, Mom!

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