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Motherhood: Quiet Time Seasons

“I need a devotional book.  Something that can be read and comprehended in 15 minutes.  You know, before Harper wakes up.”  That was the first words from my mouth to my husband’s ears this morning.  Not, “Good morning.”  But, “I need….”  Of course, the constant learner in him gives me an excellent recommendation I started this morning.  As I was floundering around for something enriching I was thinking how much my quiet time has evolved and changed over the years:

Teenager:  Rebellion that I had to do it in the morning.  Always read my Bible in bed right before I went to bed.

College:  Same pattern as a teenager.

Working Adult:  I was involved in ministry with my husband and working full-time so I read my Bible during my lunch hour at my desk.

First Child:  I was not working outside the home and I had a child that had an awesome sleep schedule so I was able to study by Bible in almost 3 hour segments.

Second Child:  Our second born child was born with a vengeance!  She was not a fan of schedules of any kind (sleep or otherwise).  In moments of desperation I would grab my Bible and read a Psalm or two while locked in the bathroom.  Always remembering what it was like to spend hours upon hours in God’s Word.

Two Preschoolers and Working Full Time:  Now, I have a four year old and five year old and work 40 hours a week.  This time last year I was waking up super early (for me) and doing my Bible study before I woke the children up for the day.  Then about six months ago my second born decided she wanted to start waking up at 1:00 AM and going back to sleep and waking up again at 5:30 ready to go for the day.  I stopped waking up super early and squeezed in time when I was able to read and study.  Now I know, for me personally, I need to spend time with the Lord in the morning BEFORE the chaos of morning routines with young children and working adults.  This may not be the case for everyone but it is the case for me.

So today, I have resolved to read a short devotional type book to get my mind right while I drink my coffee and prepare for the day ahead…hopefully before the second born awakes refreshed and ready to go!

Moms, here’s the deal.  Life is crazy and most of the time we need to give up our urge to control every minute of our lives.  I truly believe God knows your heart.  He knows you are trying to follow Him and He sees your noble efforts to do so.  He will bless the time you spend with Him.  Don’t lose heart while is seeking His.   

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