Book Review

Book Review: From Good to Grace

From Good to Grace coverI know!  I know!  You are thinking, “Is this the first book review Cary has done in 2015?”  Well it is not.  But it has been awhile so this must be a good one.

Several months back I heard Christine Hoover was writing a new book and immediately was on the edge of my seat to see what she would follow up, “The Church Planter’s Wife,” with.  “From Good to Grace:  Letting Go of the Goodness Gospel,” did not disappoint.  I reached out to Christine months back about the content of this book because I was looking for something for a lunch-time book club to read and she sent me a summary AND you guessed it.  One of my favorite things about books:  A DISCUSSION GUIDE.  If you have ever lead a book club you know sometimes it’s hard to come up with questions for each chapter without just asking, “So…what did everyone think?”  With this book that is easy to do or ask, “So…what did everyone highlight or underline?”

Discussion Guide aside, this really is a great book.  I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a quick read for me.  There was several sections I had to stop and ponder.  For instance, right off the bat in chapter one she says, “…a large part of a goodness obsession is an addiction to self.”  OUCH.  If someone were to look at my copy they would see my signature “BOOM!” next to several sentences or even entire paragraphs.  Another quality that is refreshing about Christine is how honest she is.  I love when I can read a book and feel like I’m having coffee with the author.  The transparent trend she started in, “The Church Planter’s Wife,” continues with this book when she says, “I’m human, so I fail at attaining my standards of perfection.  And then what?  I feel weak, powerless, and hopeless that I will ever be able to serve God how I think I should be serving Him.  The cycle of try-harder, do-better begins again.”  See, I told you.  You need to stop and ponder don’t you?

I’m going to drive home my point of having to ponder this book by recommending to the publishers of this book, Baker Books, that they release a companion devotional book.  I find myself in this current season of motherhood needing devotional-type books but not fluffy books that find half a sentence from a Bible verse and attach it to a Chicken Soup for the Soul story.  I need meat.  I need transparent.  I need honest.  I need truth.  I need THE truth.

THE truth is where Christine lands this grace plane in her conclusion titled, “We Will Live in Grace.”  I have so many BOOM! statements marked I should have started marking it “ditto.”  I once heard a story of a preacher that used to read other preachers sermons because he was so scared to come up with his own.  I feel like a woman could read the conclusion of this book and Billy Graham style tell ladies to “COME!”  Floods of ladies would come to redemption and see the grace God has for them.

If you are searching for something, anything, do yourself a favor and buy this book!  Find some friends and talk about it together.  Grace is a problem for women because we are fixers.  Like Liz Lemon says, “I can have it all!”  Well, you can’t.  Having it all is a myth that must die.  Grace is the truth you must cling to every.

Thank you Christine Hoover for sending me a copy of your latest book.  Keep ’em coming!  Ladies need this truth.

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