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Book Review: A View From There


I read about one fiction book a year and that is only after they come highly recommended and if I do read one I rarely review it because, quite frankly, they are hard to review without spoiling the book.  All that to say, “A View From There,” is fiction and worth your time.  “A View From There,” is Angela Slaughter‘s first book and won’t be her last.  Angela has a way of incorporating Southern charm into a spiritual realm many first time authors wouldn’t dare write about.  You know I like to call author’s by their first name if I think we could be friends and I’m pretty sure I could be friends with Angela Slaughter.

Characters in this book made me sad, angry, confused, and relieved all at the same time!  The Southern charm of the characters should be appreciated and anyone who writes a book about the south needs to spell everything correctly and know how to use the sayings.  Angela knew what she was doing when she wrote this book.  According to her bio she is all things Southern.  That is very Harper Lee of her, but unlike Harper Lee I read this book in a weekend.  Sad to say, I have yet to finish “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

After reading the first chapter my exact thought was, “Dang Angela!  Give a girl a warning.”  Doesn’t that make you want to read it?  From then on, I was hooked.  Kate Canton is the main character and you want her to win because she’s the main character and when she meets Malcolm you might expect a romantic comedy ending…well, this is not your typical chick lit book.  This is the kind of book when you get three-quarters through you have to finish it and if that means staying up until 2:00 AM then you must sacrifice and power through.

The only thing missing was a Spotify playlist.  But don’t worry, I created one.  Now all you need to do is get your hands on this book.

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