Challenge / She Who Is Able

#Write31Days:  She Who Is Able

  Last year I participated in the #Write31Days challenge for the first time.  Essentially, you blog for 31 days in the month of October on the same topic.  Last year my topic was ReGroup about regrouping your life before the holidays.  I did not complete the 31 days because I got a sinus infection towards the end of the month.  Hopefully, this year will be different.
I am very excited/nervous/hopeful about this year’s topic.  My topic is “She Who Is Able.”  I will attempt to publish a blog post each day about a woman who was or is able.  Some of these women will be Biblical examples, some will be historical figures, and some will be ladies I know personally.  

I hope you join me on this challenge as much as I do.

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