Book Review

[Children’s] Book Review: Casey’s Bright Red Christmas

You know I love a good holiday themed book!  When Octane Press asked me to review, “Casey’s Bright Red Christmas,” I jumped at the opportunity for a couple of reasons.  One, my son loves equipment and a book that incorporated farm equipment and Christmas might be right up his alley.  And two, the main human character is a girl so this might keep my daughter interested too.  Well, Mom was right!  My son insisted on keeping this book in his bed to continue to look at it through the night and my daughter did pay attention to see what happened to Casey at the end of the story.

I’ll be honest, this was my first encounter with Casey and Friends and they didn’t disappoint. The story of Casey and her friends is a refreshing, simple story about friends coming together to help a sick friend enjoy Christmas even though she’s sick.   What I liked most about this book is that it didn’t have the typical Christmas message in it.  Over the years I have accumulated a lot of Christmas books and we are adding this one to the Christmas library.

I get asked to do book reviews a lot during the holiday season in hopes that I will give said book away on my blog.  I typically do this about once or twice a year.  Well, this year I’m doing my giveaways a little differently.  This year I’ll be giving the books publishers give me to Angel Tree children.  Prison ministry is something very dear to my heart and helping children have a good Christmas is the very message of, “Casey’s Bright Red Christmas.”

Thank you to Octane Press for the review copy of this book as well as additional books to give away.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy of, “Casey’s Bright Red Christmas,” for your own Christmas library you can click here to purchase it directly from Octane or here to purchase it from Amazon.

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