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Faith & Food Allergies

Faith and Food Allergies

You may think it’s a stretch to link faith and food allergies but hear me out on this.  I was diagnosed with a ridiculous combination of food allergies about two years ago.  My food allergies were diagnosed following a trip to the emergency room, a cocktail of IVs and a couple of hours later, I was fine.  A week later I paid a visit to my allergy doctor and received, what seemed like, 100 scratch tests and 50 blood draws to test everything under the sun.  The conclusion:  allergic to all trees, wheat, yeast, eggs, and peanuts with intolerances to corn and chicken.

Two years later, you would think I have it all figured out.  Negative.  About six months ago I had to get my Epipens refilled so I had to see the allergy doctor again and follow-up.  I informed her of some incidents and we added pork to the list of allergies.  Recently, I was celebrating my birthday by going out to dinner with some friends and ended the evening with an Epipen injection, a comped meal, and gift cards for my next visit to the restaurant.  Thanks to all the pacing I did, I did reach my 10,000 step goal for the day.

During every allergic reaction I experience a lot of things physically and emotionally.  The physical stuff happens every time and is par for the course with food allergies.  The emotional stuff reminds of grieving.  WAIT!  I’m not comparing my food allergies to mourning a death but I do spend time mad because I have these allergies and they are so drastic.  I’m mad because they are newly developed.  I’m mad because they are a major inconvenience and typically occur when I’m in public or two days away from pay day.

I don’t know why God gave me these allergies.  While pacing the floor Friday night I was wondering what lesson I’m supposed to learn.  Saturday I woke up after about 5 hours of sleep and had to inject another Epipen after a call to my doctor to get some steroids and anti-nausea medicine prescribed.  Saturday I was also wondering what lesson I’m supposed to learn.

Here I am Sunday, still wondering.  I don’t know the exact lesson but I do know 1 Thessalonians says to give thanks in all circumstances.  What can I give thanks for?

1).  I’m alive!  Serious food allergies can land people in the hospital or worse.
2).  I was able to open my presents before it all hit the fan.  My friends gave me some awesome glitter filled earrings and my rock star husband gave me tickets to see Harry Connick Jr in concert!
3).  After my second Epipen I was able to enjoy a great day shopping with my mother and daughter.
4).  I lost 4 pounds in two days.  I know this is like a false positive now that I can eat again but it was nice to see a lower number on the scale.
5).  Psalm 139 says that God created me in my mother’s womb and I was wonderfully made.  Even if my body rejects food in a major way I was still wonderfully made.

Bottom line:  Food allergies are serious business and sometimes God uses serious business to keep us focused on Him.

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