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Mothering on a Mission: Embrace Grace


Paul Tripp recently wrote the following in a blog about parenting:

As a parent, recognizing what you’re unable to do is essential to good parenting. God hasn’t called us to be parents because we have the power to change our children. Here’s the thing that every parent needs to reconcile in their heart: We have no ability whatsoever to change our children. None.

If we had that ability, the person and work of Jesus wouldn’t have been necessary. We don’t have that ability and if you tell yourself that you have the ability to change your children—if you don’t surrender to the reality of your inability—you will end up doing things that you shouldn’t do.

You will try by the force of your personality, by the volume of your voice, by the strength of your vocabulary, by fear, by reward, or by shame, to create what you are not able to create. And as you do that, you will put tension and distance and discouragement in the context of your relationship with your children.

I would encourage you to enter into the welcome of knowing that you do not have the power to change your children. You don’t have to load that on your shoulders! That’s God’s job. He just asks you to be a tool in his capable hands.

I love that last paragraph.  Go ahead, read it again.

I’m not going to lie, I have had about four drafts to this post but really everything I type falls short.  It falls short of describing grace and accepting grace.  It falls short of the true goodness of God’s grace.  His grace in our lives is indescribable.

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