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Mothering on a Mission: Embrace the Silence


If you have young children you might get nervous when there is silence. I know I do.  Usually when there is silence it means my son is building something and my daughter has found the washi tape and is taping her room.  Or it means they have made chocolate milk by themselves and I find a carton of cow milk on the kitchen floor next to a wet spoon and a foot away I see a carton of almond milk.  Or it means they have found my ipad and they are in a closet watching Netflix.  So far in my mothering journey it has NEVER meant they were taking naps or reading Bible stories to each other…we can dream.

When I talk to young moms I often hear, “I haven’t done a real quiet time in months.”  If you are in the habit of spending 30 minutes or longer doing an actual quiet time, kids can put a kink in that plan.  It took me years to realize that if I was going to spend quality time with the Lord I must wake up before my kids.  That might seem like a no-brainer except I love to sleep and waking up before my early riser was difficult for me.

I want to encourage moms today with this post.  Think about some of these ways you can still spend time with the Lord even if your life seems crazy.

  1. If you are waking up for feedings in the middle of the night, use that time to listen to scripture using a Bible app or listen to worship music.  When I was nursing my daughter I would sit against her dresser with ear buds in the middle of the night.  Because her reflux was so bad she slept best upright so if it had been a rough day I might have fallen asleep against her dresser with her on my chest and ear buds in my ears.
  2. If your only silence is the drive from daycare to the office, take advantage of that time.  Listen to Christian radio, pray out loud for guidance, listen to worship CDs, or listen to Christian books on CD.  When both of our kids were in daycare we were sharing one car and often my husband would turn the radio off and we would sit in silence while driving to the office.  That was literally the quietest part of my day.
  3. The public library is your friend.  Our local library has study rooms and when my husband had a day off I would often take solace in the library study rooms.
  4. This one might be TMI but take advantage of that bathroom.  My master bathroom has, what I call, a toilet closet and it is just the toilet in a tiny room.  Often I would go there when I stayed home with both kids.  In that closet I kept a small Bible and some little devotional books.  Don’t forget to lock the door too.

In the Bible there is the time frame between the Old and New Testaments when people weren’t hearing from God.  Did that mean God was no longer at work?  I don’t think so.  It did make them more eager for Him.  I think that’s what He does with moms sometimes.  Just because your time with Him doesn’t look like it did in college or pre-kids, it doesn’t mean He’s not using you or working in your life.  He’s using you in ways you might not even know about until your kids are older and they can actually tell you.  It might not be until you over hear your child telling a doll something you told her.  It might not be until you hear your child sing a Chris Tomlin song they heard in your car.

Stay the course Mom, you’re doing a great job!

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