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Mothering on a Mission: Embrace Your Humanity


I had a different blog scheduled to post today but I feel like if you had a Monday like mine you might need some reminders.

  1. Come to grips with your humanity.  I heard Matt Chandler say this in a sermon this morning and it hit me between the eyes!  The past 24 hours of my life have been less than stellar and the shining moment of my Monday was that I had enough cash and change to buy a Mocha Madness with whey at Tropical Smoothie.  I could hardly wait to drop off the kiddos in morning car line and get my Heavenly breakfast in a cup.  It’s the perfect mixture of chocolate, coffee, and protein.
    I picked up my drink.
    Took one beautiful sip from the straw on my way to the office.
    Walk into the building and pick up some items and place them on a cart.
    You know where this is going?
    The cart hit a bump and the smoothie fell off and busted!
    A full cup of perfection fell to the ground and exploded!
    My heart sank.
  2. “And if not, I will flourish still.”  Upon watching my Heavenly cup explode I open my computer and start sifting through important and not important emails and I see the subject line:  7 words you must speak today.  Okay Margaret Feinberg, you got me.  What 7 words must I speak today?  Her post says:

    How do we become people committed to flourish amidst…

    chronic pain
    the gravesite
    an unprounceable diagnosis
    a shattered heart
    the ache of dreams yet unfullilled
    those tenacles of depression
    the strangle of anxiety
    life in an imperfect body in an imperfect world
    the loss of a precious child

    Every day. Every decision. Every action.

    The question is: What declaration are you making with your life?


    Go slay your Monday!  Several weeks ago I was texting back and forth with a friend of mine as I was waiting to meet an oral surgeon regarding a tooth that broke off before Bible Study the week prior.  Yes, that is real and did really happen.  Her last text to me said, “Now, go slay your Monday!”  I loved it so much I created a meme for it!
    You’re welcome.


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