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Book Review: Steadfast Love


In the forward of Lauren Chandler’s book, “Steadfast Love,” Ann Voskamp has this to say:
“In every storm–Your Father gives you a life-preserver–and it is always His Son…In every great crisis–let it bring out the greatness of Christ in you.  Real prayer always has eyes on Christ, not the crisis.”  That is exactly what Chandler’s book, “Steadfast Love,” does.  The author allows you into the storms of her life and shows you the life-preservers God gave her.

“Steadfast Love,” is a slow dig into Psalm 107 through the eyes of Lauren Chandler, wife to Pastor Matt Chandler.  This book will point you to Jesus and His words.  It is not a compilation of the author’s ideas and commentary.  It is a compilation of scripture and story-telling.  All of which brings you back to the Savior.

Chandler is transparent in a way that most pastor’s wives are not transparent.  Her transparency is refreshing.  When writing about her miscarriages she shares, “I reckoned that He would give me what I wanted when I wanted it.  I believed that His goodness was dependent upon His dealings with me…I couldn’t see His grace clearly, giving thanks was a stunted practice.” 

Chandler has a way of bringing you into her reality in a way that makes you want to keep reading.  Her writing is friendly and not condemning.  I bought this book for a women’s prison library because it was sale.  I ended up reading a couple of pages while waiting in a doctor’s office and ended up having to get another copy for the prison because I had started underlining in the original copy.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for an uplifting reminder of God’s grace and “steadfast love,” for us.

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