Latest Podcast Playlist


Confession:  I love podcasts.

I love a good documentary so it should be no surprise that I love a good podcast.  I might love podcasts more than documentaries.  The beauty of podcasts is that they go where you go, if you are listening to them on your phone; which most people do.

My podcast playlist contains a variety of topics.  In this post I’m sharing some of my favorite podcasts that I listen to almost weekly (depending on when they release).

Help Me Teach the Bible with Nancy Guthrie  – This podcast is great because Nancy Guthrie interviews a variety of Bible teachers about particular books of the Bible.  They give practical tips about teaching, in general, but also about specific books of the Bible.

Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope – This is Rick Warren’s daily podcasts that is usually Sunday’s sermon broken up into small segments of time.  I’m currently leading a group through Rick Warren’s book, “Re-Energize Your Life,” so I use this podcast as an additional reference tool.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey – I stumbled across this podcast one sleepless night and I’ve been listening to old episodes since.  Some of the women Jamie Ivey talks to I have never heard of so it is exposing me to new and different Christian women.

A New Beginning with Greg Laurie – I have always enjoyed listening to Greg Laurie and I love his book, “Tell Someone.”  He is so evangelistic in his teaching and it makes me want to be evangelistic too!

James MacDonald: Walk in the Word Audio – Since I first read, “Lord,Change My Attitude,” I’ve been a fan of James MacDonald.  His preaching is so practical and Biblically based it’s hard not to listen and not be able to change something immediately.

The Eric Metaxas Show – This podcast is as random as me.  It’s part current events and part whatever Eric Metaxas wants to talk about.  There are so many books I’ve read simply because he interviewed the author.

5 Minutes in Church History – This podcast is exactly what it says: 5 Minutes in Church History.  It’s so short and informative.

This is not all the podcasts I listen to but it is the most concise list.  I will post later about the podcasts I listen to related to certain genres.

What podcasts do you listen to?


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