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Me & Lent


Me and Lent have never had a relationship.  I am familiar with Lent -ish.  Growing up, Lent was something only Catholics did and the Catholics I knew seemed to have a skewed view of what fasting was during Lent.  One lady I knew told me one year she was giving up cussing for Lent.  Fasting from cussing confused me because I didn’t think you were really supposed to cuss anyways.

Lately, I’ve been looking into it more and more and came across two resources I’m excited to use this Lent season.

  1. The Lent study from Sacred Holidays is something I’m doing this year.
  2. Then I listened to a podcast with Annie F. Downs and the creators of She Reads Truth that was all about Lent so I signed up for that too.

Lent is a way to slow down, sacrifice something that is a delight to you, perhaps add a spiritual discipline, but mainly look to Jesus and His sacrifice leading up to Easter.  After several days of prayer I’ve decided to give up social media for Lent this year.  Seeing as this is the first year I’ve observed Lent and the first time I’ve ever given up social media for an extended period of time it should be interesting.  Lucky for me I’ll be traveling some next week so being off social media won’t be an issue to begin with.

Why social media?  When I read about observing Lent the idea of sacrificing a delight is what keeps presenting itself.  I was talking to some friends the other day about social media and how it really is a boredom thing for me.  I’m sitting at a stop light and I pull out my phone and scroll a feed, when the light turns green I put my phone down again.  What would happen if I just sat at a stop light?  You know, like I used to before I had a smart phone?

How are you giving up social media?  The problem area for me and social media and the delightful part is that it is on my phone.  I’m simply deleting the apps from my phone from March 1st to April 16th.  I’ll be deleting Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest from my phone.  Yes, Pinterest is considered social media.  I will continue to blog and text.

I am expectantly looking forward to what God will teach me during my first Lent!

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