The Story of Us

The Story of Us [Part 4]


Now that Chris was back on track to attend seminary we put our almost brand new house on the market.  It stayed there for about 2 or 3 years.  Yes, you read that correctly.  TWO OR THREE YEARS.  We had two different realtors.  Both of which told us our house should be easy to sell.  Little did they know God was trying to teach us a lesson.

The selling of that is house is the reason we haven’t purchased another home since.  Luckily, we didn’t have any kids at the time.  We only had a dog so keeping the house clean was easy except we did still live there.  Keeping a clean house while you are trying to sell it is so hard.  It’s not like when people come over and you throw everything in the closet.  When people are looking to buy they look at every corner and in every cabinet and closet.  It has to be SUPER clean during this time.  I told Chris at some point, “When this house sells I’m not cleaning for a year.”  He agreed.

Finally the house did sell.  But not until the potential buyers came one last time the night before closing for one.more.walk through.  My eyes still roll back when I think about those precious buyers.  Once the papers were signed we moved from a 1500 square foot house to a one bedroom apartment that day.  Our goal was to build up our savings account because neither of us had jobs in Fort Worth (where Chris was going to seminary) yet.  Chris was working for a bank full-time supervising a customer service call center and I was still working at a local hospital in the Business Office.

At some point in this transition I received a call from the Housing Office at the seminary and they told me they had a house for us but we had to commit right then.  See, when we took our seminary tour we were told that only families get houses.  If you are single or married with no kids you will get an apartment maybe a townhouse if you are lucky but never a house.  We got a house.  I found out later that we got a house because I put on our housing application that my top priority was a washer/dryer hook up.  Only houses had washer/dryer hook ups.

Chris lived in that house while I lived in Arkansas for a couple more months.  The hospital I worked for was re-organizing and my job (and several others) were moving to St. Louis and if you didn’t want to move to St. Louis then you would receive a severance package.  The time table here was tricky for us because Chris was enrolled for his first seminary course over Christmas break and he was enrolled to begin classes full-time in January.  We decided that Chris would move to Fort Worth after Christmas and I would live with my parents until mid-February when I would collect my severance package and move to Fort Worth.  Bless Chris for making so many weekend trips to Greenwood from Fort Worth during those two months.

God’s timing is always better than our own.  This is something we know but we don’t really act like we know it.  See, if our house would have sold the day we put it on the market like all those amazing stories I kept hearing while our house was on the market then I would not have received a severance package when we moved to Fort Worth.  Chris probably would not have gotten the internship he had during seminary that led to us moving to College Station that led to us moving to Northwest Arkansas.


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