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Book Review: Messy Beautiful Friendship

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I’ll be honest, sometimes I only review books so I can get the book for free because I enjoy reading and my checking account does not always support my hobby.  When Christine Hoover asked for a launch team for her most recent book I immediately replied to that e-mail!  I didn’t even really know what the book was going to be about besides what the title told me.

“A rich opportunity for friendship exists when we reject the ideal wish-dream, understand God’s design for friendship, and embrace those imperfect women who are right in front of us.”  -Christine Hoover

One of the reasons I love Christine’s writings is because she is pretty transparent without feeling like she’s airing her dirty laundry for all to see.  This book is no different.  She admits where she did the friendship thing right and where she did the friendship thing not so right.  While reading almost every chapter I could write a different friend or acquaintance’s name when I had a similar situation happen in my life.  But also she’s pointing to the gospel.  Not just to remind us that God was the original friend to Adam and Eve in the garden when He walked with them but also to remind us that “God is God and people are people.” 

All too often in our lives we place unrealistic expectations on people as if they are God and we expect them to comfort us only the way God can comfort us.  They are not God.  We should never expect people (mere humans) to satisfy needs only God can satisfy.  On the topic of God in our friendships Christine also reminds us that, “God isn’t afraid to enter brokenness, and we shouldn’t be either, because all we’re really doing is bringing him into the situation anyway.”  People are messy because the world is messy, and the world is messy because sin is messy.  We should count it a blessing that God let us have friendships.  He could have ended the whole friendship thing after Adam and Eve but He did not.

In her last chapter she offers this wisdom, “May our friendships in the present day be received as gifts from God for us–but may they not be only for us.  May they be signposts, guiding any who will stop and seek directions toward what our hearts innately crave most, pointing the seeker toward a Person and a place where all longings will be longings no more.”  

This book would be great for book clubs!  Not only are the chapters short enough to read on a lunch break or waiting in a car line but it also includes a discussion guide at the end!  There is really no excuse not to read this book!

If you would like to purchase this book online click here.

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