Book Review

Book Review: Deep Undercover

Deep Undercover CoverIt has been awhile since I’ve picked up a book and couldn’t put it down.  That is exactly what happened with “Deep Undercover,” by Jack Barsky.  I saw an email with it listed as a new release, read the summary, and watched a couple of You Tube videos with Jack Barsky; then decided I was willing to pay full price for this book–that doesn’t happen often either.

I started reading it as soon as I got home and reluctantly went to bed and work the next day but then picked right back up again when the kids went to bed.  By 10:00 PM I was three-quarters through and had to finish it.  I went to bed at midnight that night with another book to add to my “Books Read in 2017” list.

The story of Jack Barsky would make a great movie.  It’s not just another spy autobiography.  It’s the story of a rough childhood, paired with an intellectual student looking for acceptance from women, mentors, and later his own children.  I can’t really give too much of a review of this book without spoiling it for you.  So I’ll just say it was probably the spy story line that got me hooked, but it was the redemption story that made me finish this book.

To purchase this book from Tyndale Publishing you can click here.

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