2017 / Motherhood

Lessons I’ve Learned from Gina Scantling

In case you didn’t know, Gina Scantling is my mother and she has been for 37 years.  In 37 years I have learned some important things from her…

mom and harper 11.  Sometimes you just need a hug from your mom.  Anytime my kids get in trouble from me or Chris they go straight to my mom (if she’s there) and if she’s not there they cry that they want her.  I know why.  I know it’s because no matter what is going on my mom will hug them.  Even as an adult child this is her go-to move.  Last year my mom and I were set to go on my annual birthday shopping trip.  However, I had a bad allergic reaction the night before that kept me up most of the night and resulted in a night of sickness.  I really wanted the shopping trip to happen so I didn’t tell my mom what had happened the night before hoping this would resolve itself by morning.  It did not resolve itself.  She arrived at my house at 9:00 AM and I was still sick in my bathroom.  She never said a word.  She walked right in and held my hair back while I threw up.  Then she hugged me.  No matter how old you get, a hug from your mom is still the best.

mom and dad 1

2.  Don’t forget to have fun with your husband.  When the kids are gone he’s the one still living at home with you.  My parents started having kids almost as soon as they were married so there wasn’t a lot of “fun” before the kids arrived.  However, now that kids are not in the house they rarely are either.  I learned several years ago that if we’re planning a trip to see them I better make sure they are actually going to be there.  AND they are really good at selfies too.

me and mom 2

3.  Be an encouragement to others.  I remember when this picture was taken.  My grandmother (my mom’s mom) had been diagnosed with cancer and I was visiting to help take care of her and one of my mom’s friend’s son also had a wedding.  Even though my mom was going through everything she was going through with my grandmother she went to her friend’s son’s wedding to help where she could.  One part of it was probably to get out for a couple of hours but one part was probably because she made a commitment.  I used to get annoyed with my mom because she is always wearing her rose colored glasses and always sees everything in a more positive light than I might.  Now, as an adult, I get it.  Why focus on the negative when you can focus on the positive-it’s helps you and others.

I know there are some reading this that wish they could get a hug from their mom but for whatever reason they can’t.  I still have my mom on Earth but I don’t have any grandparents living here.  Let me encourage you to find mom or grandma seat fillers.  You know in award shows they have seat fillers to sit in empty seats when the celebrity goes to the bathroom or something.  The seat filler is not the celebrity-they are simply filling the seat.  Being that both of my grandmas are in Heaven I have assigned their responsibilities to older ladies in my church.  These ladies will never replace my Grandmother or Granny Lila but they are good seat fillers.  No one can ever replace your mom but there are awesome seat fillers out there that would love to hug you today, get a card from you, and fill in when you need it.

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