Christmas Resources

We are those parents that de-bunk Santa.  We use, “The Legend of St. Nicholas:  A Story of Giving,” to tell the history of St. Nicholas.  We emphasize that St. Nicholas was a real person but Christmas is really important because of Jesus.

In 2014 my husband read through Louie Giglio’s book, “Waiting Here For You,” and he highly recommended it to other people.

In 2014 I read through Ann Voskamp’s, “The Greatest Gift.”  I know several people that read this book every year.  That is possible for myself.

New in 2014, Ann Voskamp had a family version of, “The Greatest Gift,” titled, “Unwrapping the Greatest Gift:  A Family Celebration of Christmas.”  We read through this with our children last year and used the coloring sheets from her website but you must have the password located in one of her Greatest Gift books to have access.

A friend of ours also told us about a children’s advent calendar that Focus on the Family put out in 2014.  I breifly looked at it but it is totally do-able with young children.  You can register for their updates and receive the FREE calendar.

In 2013 a local Christian bookstore had Rick Warren’s book, “The Purpose of Christmas,” on sale and I like Rick Warren so I bought this book and really enjoyed it.  It’s a quick easy read and the Kindle version is only $1.99.

If you attend a Southern Baptist Church you have probably heard of the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  Lottie Moon was a real person and I have several books about her that are, sadly, out of print but here are two new ones that I purchased this year for my children:  “Lottie Moon:  Giving Her All For China,” and also, “Lottie Moon:  A Generous Offering.”  While on the topic of Lottie Moon I also found a coloring page on Pinterest for my children too.

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