Easter Resources

Passion Week:  Preschool Style This is a blog series I wrote a couple of years ago to be a daily guide to Holy Week with Preschool age children.

Love to the Uttermost
“Love to the Uttermost,” is a very short book by John Piper.  If you wish to download the e-book it’s free on his website or you can purchase the paperback version for an inexpensive price.

My Easter Board on Pinterest
As I come across good or original ideas pertaining to Easter I will pin them on this board.

The Action Bible: Easter Story
I downloaded this as a free e-book from David C. Cook Publishing.  If you don’t subscribe to their e-mails you should because they have at least one free e-book a week.

Day to Day Begin to Read Bible
You can start the story of Easter by skipping to page 321.  The stories in this book are SUPER short so if your 3-year-old is like mine, this is excellent.  I wouldn’t use this Bible as reference by any stretch but to get a very simple and short version of a story it’s great.

He Chose the Nails, by Max Lucado
No one can tell a story like Max Lucado, that includes the story of Holy Week.  I wouldn’t recommend it for small children but teenagers perhaps, would benefit from reading this alongside their parents.

The Easter Promise
 saw this movie years ago while I was working in a church nursery.  It is an older cartoon movie but sometimes the older cartoons are the ones that keep kids attention longer.  If your church subscribes to Right Now Media you can watch this movie on Right Now.  Otherwise, you can buy it on Amazon or watch it in 4 parts on You Tube.  When my son was 5 years old we watched this and when they started to beat Jesus he got really upset.  I did not stop the video.  I simply paused it and explained how it ended and encouraged him to keep watching.  He did keep watching and got really excited at the end when he saw that Jesus was okay.

Who Is Jesus, by RC Sproul
t the time I downloaded this book it was a free e-book.  Even if you have to buy it, it is still very inexpensive.

After Easter: How Christ’s Resurrection Changed Everything
This is a short book that discusses the details following the resurrection and their impact on our lives today.  When I purchased this book it was $5.00 at my local Lifeway store.  This book also contains the entire book of John at the end to make it ideal to pass on to a new believer.




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